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That’s probably what you’re thinking. 

And, we hear you. 

Russia’s being the international bully, Trump’s running again in 2024, there’s an(other) unelected Prime Minister and one more COP assembly where leaders fly in on gas-guzzling private jets…

… the last thing you need are some internet people telling you your dog is PLANET EARTH’S #1 CLIMATE MOST WANTED. 

But hold your horses.

We’re … not. 

Like you, we’ve been trying to live our lives as well as we can, not wracked with guilt. We’re trying our bloody best so PLEASE don’t remind us about that family holiday to the Canary Islands, or that avocado toast last Sunday that’s probably funding Mexican cartels, or that new smartphone (2 years ago though!) that’s extracting rare minerals from mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo… 

Because we’re also trying to shop better. Pulling out all the stops for organic and local. Washing at 30º. And Linda McCartney’s sausages are a Friday-night staple now. 

So, yes. Given the circumstances. We’re all doing our bit!

But, then again, it’s our job here to talk about the DOG in the room… Because no one else is. 

Like mainstreaming statistics you may or may not know: like the fact our dear four-legged friends need 30% of agricultural land, like pets globally produce twice as many emissions as the UK, like how each cute pup produces more greenhouse gases than our car.

But do we need to throw out the dog with the dishwater? 




Because that’s why we’re here. To help us all have an even better night’s sleep. To make it the easiest thing in the world to do one tiny thing that will actually fight climate change. That will conjure up toothy smiles and wagging tails quicker than Hermionie Granger can say Wingardium Leviosa

Yes, that’s why we’re here to present the easiest, climate-crunching wizardry… 

Are you still out there?




Wake up every day feeling unbelievable knowing you and your dog are protecting the planet, saving animals, and helping at-risk communities.

You’ll be joining the A-team of climate-wizards and grassroots activists for climate justice and human rights.

Dance on the table and celebrate your pup’s climate impact with the world; impress your friends and earn Auntie Pat’s undying respect. 

Involve others in your climate-busting journey and co-opt them to turbo-charge your impact or incite them to enrol their own superdog.

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Your dog unites with pals worldwide in the biggest four-legged movement for climate justice!

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This idea is great. It is an important contribution. Finally there is a platform that cares about this topic.



It’s great that someone is thinking about the extent to which pets contribute to environmental pollution.



I’m so glad I now know about the effect my dog has on the environment, and I can do something about it!



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