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Your questions, answered

What is Climate Pets?

What is Climate Pets, you ask? Climate Pets is the world’s first community of climate positive pets. A community-driven platform that shares effective ways to reduce and offset the carbon ‘pawprint’ of our four-legged friends. Climate Pets is a UK registered company limited by guarantee, associated with the community interest company Global Solidarity Foundation.

Is Climate Pets a charity?

Whilst Climate Pets Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee and registered in the UK, our work is not-for-profit. In fact, Climate Pets is an initiative of the Global Solidarity Foundation, a community-interst company registered in the UK with the same governing board of directors.

The work of the Global Solidarity Foundation seeks to raise awareness and funds to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And that’s exactly what Climate Pets is all about.

So, why the separate organisation? Well, part of the reasons is that Global Solidarity Foundation handles a number of campaigns and initiatives. Since Climate Pets handles a lot of financial transactions from its members, it’s easier, simpler and more transparent for us to operate as a traditional company.

That said, we’re a company with a real social purpose committed to helping every dog and cat become a climate superhero. We’re committed to radical transparency and behaving in all ways ‘like a charity‘.

If you have any specific questions, we’d be delighted to speak with you and send any information you wish to have. Simply email us at

What does Climate Pets do to protect planet, people and pets?

At Climate Pets, we take climate change very seriously. That’s why we choose our carbon offsetting projects as carefully as possible to guarantee the highest possible standards.

What’s more, as a company, we are constantly trying to reduce our own carbon emissions. Our team primarily keep to a plant-based diet, don’t fly, and we offset our remaining emissions – including those of our dogs and cats! Whenever possible, we additionally support charities for animals, the planet or the community, and our tree planting adds even more value to the planet.