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Day 1

What’s a carbon pawprint?
Understand the environmental impact of your cat or dog.

Day 2

A crash course on pet food.
What impact does a cat or dog’s diet have?

Day 3

We all like to treat our pets. 
Discover strategies to love your pet sustainably.

Day 4

Take a step back:
A look at the global impact of pets.

Day 5

Time to get dirty.
Cleaning up our pets’ urine and faeces.

Day 6

Reviewing key course content.
Summarising what we’ve covered so far.

Day 7

Looking to the future.
Where to go and what to do after graduation.

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Your questions, answered

Who's created this course?

The Planet-Friendly Pet Owner is designed and written by Climate Pets, the world’s first community of climate positive cats and dogs. Visit for more information.

A free online course? There must be a catch...

No catch! Simply sign up, take our course, and if you want, continue to receive expert guidance in sustainable pet ownership. PLUS, receive the occasional special offer available only to the Climate Pets community.

Isn't it more expensive to switch to 'sustainable' options?

It can be, but it doesn’t need to be the case! As part of this course, we provide strategies so that you can take planet-friendly action completely free.

What if I don't like the course?

We’re sure you’re going to love receiving our bite-sized emails each morning. However, if for any reason you wish to unenrol from the course, you can simply unsubscribe directly from our course emails.

Why do we need a 'Planet-Friendly Pet Owner' course?

As pet ownership becomes more common, we are beginning to acknowledge that our cats and dogs have their own impact on the environment. As the issue of climate change becomes ever more pressing, this course helps pet owners across the world to understand the environmental of their pets, and take effective action to reduce this.

What do I get when I graduate?

Once you’ve completed our 7-day course, we award a course completion certificate. Share this with your friends and family! We’ll also let you know what you can. do next to continue your sustainable pet-keeping journey.

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