Taking action for climate change – our approach as a non-profit
July 4, 2022

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Why take action for climate change

Everyone is talking about climate change. That’s a good thing. And more and more businesses, companies, governments and individuals are proclaiming their positive actions to save our planet from a fiery end! But how do we know who’s actually serious about it? As we like to say, words alone won’t save the world!

That’s why we wanted to write this article. To share with you what action we’re already taken as we embark on our Climate Pets journey, and what action we’re going to be taking as our community grows.

The Climate Pets membership

At heart, tackling climate change is our bread and (vegan) butter. The community of climate positive pets which we’re excited to be building is in itself a powerful action that can help turn the 1.5 billion cats and dogs across our planet into climate superheroes. It’s our dream that every pet not only has a net-zero impact on the environment, but actually helps address the issues of climate injustice.

Taking action for climate change – our approach as a business

That’s why each of our membership models goes beyond just carbon-offsetting. The Climate Pets community is also engaging in climate justice projects, conserving and restoring rainforests, supporting the world’s most sustainable and ethical businesses, and, not least, fostering a network of like-minded, questioning and concerned individuals. We may not have all the answers today, but with such a strong and enduring community, we’ll be ready to take action as soon as we can.

A global community for climate action

But what else are we doing as a business to take action for climate change? In partnership with the Global Solidarity Foundation, one thing we’re committed to is supporting networks and associations that promote climate justice. We signed up to the We Declare a Climate Emergency campaign; we’ve aligned our work to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and we’ve conducted an initial assessment of our business’ carbon emissions. We’re proud that from day one, we are a carbon negative business, achieved through running our online platforms with 100% renewable energy, and offsetting any related emissions from travel and third-party applications.

Taking action for climate change – our approach as a business (3)

Looking to the future

Right now, as a young and enthusiastic company, we’re not able to take all the steps we intend to as we take action for climate change. But we’re so committed to taking further steps that we’re eager to name them here, today, so that the world knows and can hold us accountable. As soon as possible, we’ll be registered as a B Corp, a brilliant way to evidence our socially-driven purpose. We’ll also be joining 1% for the Planet (though our financial contributions to the environment go well beyond this!) and the Science-based Targets initiative.

Taking individual responsibility

As you might expect from a company advocating for individual action, we also take our own individual climate responsibility seriously. From not flying except in extraordinary circumstances, to maintaining a vegan lifestyle; from shopping organic, fairtrade and local, to of course signing up our lovely pets to Climate Pets. We’re going as far as we can to reduce our impact.

That’s not to say this is everyone’s cup of (soya-milk) tea! We respect that everyone is on a different journey, has their own circumstances, their own needs, and their own limits to what they’re happy to compromise on. And that’s as important as it is wonderful.

Get in touch

So that’s it folks! We’ll be releasing updates as we continue to take action for climate change over the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to chat with us or raise any questions by emailing us at [email protected]. And, we of course hope that, if you haven’t already, you’ll sign up and become a member of Climate Pets and join a community that is changing the world, for good!

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