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Take climate action with your pets

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Make your pet a climate superhero

Join the community where our pets become climate superheroes.

Pets for the future

Cats and dogs emit 0.4 – 1 tonne of carbon emissions each year. What if we could reverse that? What if our pets could be part of the solution to climate change? Now they can.

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The all-in-one climate platform for your pet

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Take action to reverse climate change

  • Support local climate justice initiatives
  • Plant trees and grow life changing forest gardens
  • Offset your pets pawprint*
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*In partnership with the only available Fairtrade certified carbon offsetting project out there.

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Get exclusive discounts

  • The best discounts at leading planet-friendly pet brands
  • Shop sustainably
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Wake up every day feeling unbelievable knowing you and your dog are protecting the planet, saving animals, and helping at-risk communities.

You’ll be joining the A-team of climate-wizards and grassroots activists for climate justice and human rights.

Dance on the table and celebrate your pup’s climate impact with the world; impress your friends and earn Auntie Pat’s undying respect. 

Involve others in your climate-busting journey and co-opt them to turbo-charge your impact or incite them to enrol their own superdog.

Save money on the hottest, British-run eco pet brands out there, all verified by Climate Pets.

Your dog unites with pals worldwide in the biggest four-legged movement for climate justice!

Become a planet-friendly pet-owning GURU with a dedicated support team at your side all along the way.

Reclaim hours of your life wasted on scrolling for the best eco discounts, brands and pet-loving information.

Absolutely zero risk: see our ultimate 100 DAY 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee below


An incredible membership stuffed with value

with sustainable pet food, treats, toys and accessories brands.

Total DIRECT CLIMATE ACTION package that tackles global warming, promotes human rights, and re-forests the world.

TOTAL AND FAIRTRADE verified offsetting for your dog that fully eliminates their carbon pawprint.

Complete and first-ever planet-friendly pet owner E-COURSE (incl. videos, challenges and cheat sheets).

PERSONALISED and REAL-TIME dashboard to watch as your pup’s impact rockets (coming soon!)

REGULARLY UPDATED directory of British climate-leading pet brands that will save you HOURS of Googling.

Our paw-licking RECIPE BOOK and made-with-love do-it-yourself DOG TOY E-BOOK, new for 2023

GOLD STANDARD, climate superdog certificate accredited by Climate Pets

You're guaranteed to love being with us

  • Join the world's first community of climate positive pets
  • Stand with grassroots climate heroes
  • Boost living standards for climate-affected communities
  • Make your pet a climate superhero

Hear from our members

This idea is great. It is an important contribution. Finally there is a platform that cares about this topic.



It’s great that someone is thinking about the extent to which pets contribute to environmental pollution.



I’m so glad I now know about the effect my dog has on the environment, and I can do something about it!



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The highest standards

We’ve partnered with FairClimateFund, the only project developer whose projects meet the very best standards out there, including the Gold Standard and Fairtrade International. All our projects support a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals which are key in achieving climate justice.

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