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What does climate change mean for my cat?
Climate change can impact your cat in a number of ways, some of which include:

  • Warmer temperatures can increase the population of parasites and diseases, which can be harmful to your cat.
  • Severe weather events, such as floods and heatwaves, can disrupt your cat’s daily routine and cause stress.
  • Changes in the environment can also impact your cat’s outdoor play and exploration areas.

Despite these challenges, there are things that you can do to help your cat, and the environment, in the face of climate change. For example:

  • Maintaining your cat’s health through regular check-ups and vaccinations can help prevent the spread of diseases and parasites.
  • Making changes to your lifestyle, such as reducing your carbon footprint, using renewable energy sources, and protecting wildlife habitats, can help slow the rate of climate change and create a more sustainable future for your cat and all living beings.

By taking these positive steps, we can ensure that our beloved pets, and the planet, remain healthy and thriving for generations to come.


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